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USA Pawn Shop in Shreveport, Louisiana

We specialize in Car Loans

3079 North Market Street, Shreveport, LA 71107
Phone (318) 221-7296

Open Monday thru Saturday 9am to 6pm. Closed Sunday.
We accept Cash and Credit Cards.

Loan Terms

  • Customer must provide a state-issued picture ID that states he/she is 18 years of age or older.
  • Customer provides an item of value in good working order (jewelry, tools, electronics, etc).
  • Merchandise is assessed by our team of experts, who will lend up to 60% of the item's retail value.
  • Loans are for 90 days, with an additional period allowed beyond the default date with interest paid.
  • Customer has no obligation to redeem the loan. If you choose not to return and pick-up item, we will sell your collateral.
  • All loan payments must be paid in cash or by credit card.
  • All redemptions must be repaid in cash or by credit card.
  • Customer has the right to reclaim the loan (the loan amount plus interest) within the contract time frame.

  • Warranties

    Some merchandise will carry factory warranties. We do not give cash refunds on pre-owned merchandise unless stated otherwise.